Immer Am Achten #29
October 8th, 8pm
Time Decoration
Nicolás Araneda


Time Decoration
Talk & Sound
with Nicolás Araneda

Start: 20:00

Nicolás Araneda, born in 1989, is a German-Chilean ethnologist specializing in neuroscience. Music has always played an important role in his life. As a kid he began playing clarinet and piano in both classical and jazz tradition. Later he founded several bands – among them “Niño Cohete”, a pop formation that enjoyed considerable success in Chile. Nicolás, however, soon broke away from this successful rocket to devote himself to other, no less spaced out things.

In “Time Decoration” he will try to explain his way of starting a process of composition, through a methodology he established by and for himself over the years. The foundation of said method is based around the notion of tempo and follows the principle of altering only one element at a time, with the aim of visualizing a maximum number of elements simultaneously, thereby reaching (or expanding) the limits of introspective processing.

In a talk introduced by a 10-minute piano performance, we will accompany this ethno-neuroscientist on his journey to his never-ending excavation site of musical consciousness. With the occasional help of the piano as a musical tool, we will be able to discuss where the urge for order in an artistic process originates from, how composition can be pursued as a search, and what a piece of music or musical experience in itself could actually be.